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GameThread: Former NBA Finals rivals meet up in Dallas

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The Miami Heat finally hit the road after a long homestand to face the Dallas Mavericks, the same team they won and lost to in their first two trips to the NBA Finals, with Erick Dampier on the losing end both times.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It's Miami Heat game night and possibly the end of the world right afterwards.

Enjoy and chat it up, what else would you be doing before the apocalypse?

2012/2013 NBA Season (Game #23)
December 20, 2012
American Airlines Center, Dallas TX
9:30 PM
TNT, 790 AM
Probable Starters
Mario Chalmers PG Derek Fisher
Dwyane Wade SG O.J. Mayo
LeBron James SF Dahntay Jones
Udonis Haslem PF Shawn Marion
Chris Bosh C Chris Kaman