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Trap game alert: Heat hit the road after big win to face hapless Bobcats

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Just one day after a close victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Miami Heat must face the lowly Charlotte Bobcats on the road.

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Admiral Ackbar warned the Rebels about the trap the Empire had set during the battle at the second Death Star.

Could Heat coach Erik Spoelstra be sounding the alarm for his team as well? The NBA certainly has set up a potential trap game for the Heat as they must hit the road to travel to Charlotte to face the weak Bobcats less than a day after their marquee Christmas Day showdown versus the elite Oklahoma City Thunder.

After starting the season at a respectable 7-5 record, the Bobcats are now currently on a 15-game losing streak that stretches back exactly a month ago when they lost to, yup, the Thunder. Five of those last six games were on the road. The Bobcats rank dead last in the league in points allowed (105.0 pts) and Defensive Efficiency (109) so we should see an impressive Heat offensive attack tonight. They also rank second to last in assists per game (19.7), a bad sign for Charlotte as lesser teams have enjoyed some measure of success against the Heat defense by spreading the floor, sharing the ball and finding the open shooter. The Bobcats are a decent rebounding team and do not turn the ball over much, but still...these are the Bobcats.

The Heat have won eight in a row against the Bobcats and tonight is the first of a four-game road trip, with just three home games in the next 13 for the defending champs.

Before you write off this game as an easy win for the Heat, let's all remember the cautionary tale that was the Heat's road loss to the Washington Wizards a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure Spoelstra is reminding his players the same thing. As long as they keep playing their game, regardless of who the opponent is, the Heat should cruise to victory. Key word there is "should". Let's see if it happens.

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