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Final Recap: Crap happens

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The Pistons beat the Heat. And these things happen in NBA regular seasons.

Will Bynum (Left) was unstoppable vs. Miami
Will Bynum (Left) was unstoppable vs. Miami
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, Mario Chalmers is going to shoot 1-for-6 from the field and score four points. Sometimes, even Ray Allen will shoot 3-of-13 from the floor. Sometimes Dwyane Wade will miss games, mostly to injury, but also to kicking someone in the "Groin."

There will also be times when the Heat lose on the road to an inferior opponent. There will be times when a player like Will Bynum will torch the Heat and make obnoxious shots he usually doesn't make.

LeBron James will always be really good and Brandon Knight will always not be very good, but on rare occurrences, the Pistons offense will torch someone.

It's the NBA, and crap happens over the course of this 82-game reason we love so much.

This is one of those nights.

The Detroit Pistons beat the Miami Heat by double figures.

This is what I mean by "Crap" happening. Like the human body, the NBA season needs to excrete stool, and on some nights, even the NBA champions have to excrete stool.

This game was stool. The Heat took a poop, and the Pistons didn't. The Pistons usually poop themselves in games, and the Heat don't but you see, the Heat's diet doesn't produce much excrement.

But things happen.


* LeBron James played a season best 44 minutes. On the first night of a back-to-back, it may not have been a wise idea, but this was a close game early in the fourth quarter, so it's not flagrant.

* Joel Anthony played single digit minutes (Eight) for the second game in a row after playing 10 minutes or more in eight of the previous nine games.

* The Pistons 109 points were the most the Heat allowed in the last 10 games and the first time in 10 games they have allowed over 100 points.

* After getting minutes with Ray Allen out in Miami's last game, the Heat didn't see a need for James Jones tonight, even with Dwyane Wade out due to suspension.

* James' six steals are a season best.