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Heat sign Mickell Gladness to 10-day contract

The Miami Heat's official Twitter account said Sunday that center Mickell Gladness has signed a 10-day contract to return to the team. The Heat waived Gladness last Tuesday to prevent his contract from becoming fully guaranteed, and NBA teams can sign players for up to two 10-day deals. Erik Spoelstra said that the move to waive Gladness last week created flexibility, leaving one roster spot open for a free agent like Joel Przybilla or a player who has his contract bought out to join the team.

The Heat have signed "buyout players" who have ended up contributing later, from Mike Bibby in 2011 to Eddie Jones in 2007 and Alonzo Mourning in 2005. A number of veterans could become available in the next month, making Gladness a longshot to stay with the Heat much longer.