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LeBron James reacts to yesterdays comments, says Heat fans need not worry

Heat fans can breathe a sigh of relief today, as LeBron James told media members at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland that his comments the day before were blown a bit out of proportion and that the fans of Miami had nothing to worry about. As I suspected, he was speaking completely in hypotheticals and has no real plans to return to Cleveland when he can opt out of his Heat contract in 2014. When asked if Heat fans should be worried, here is what James had to say:

"Nah, they shouldn't be worried at all. I love the fans in Miami and I'm here. The question was basically ‘Could I see myself playing back here?' I said, ‘Yeah,' in the sense of I don't know what my future holds and I don't want to take that out. But I love the fans of Miami and I got everything invested with this team. And I'm looking forward to the years to come."

Of course being from Akron, Ohio creates an interesting story when it comes to LeBron and the possibility of his retuning to play for the Cavaliers, but after everything that's already happened, and things that are (hopefully) still to come in Miami, this is just another story that's more a non-story. James is a family man, and though he does still have some family that lives in his Akron home, he recently moved his two sons and fiancé' down to Miami so they could be closer to him year-round.

"Like I said, it was a very difficult year for me last year, a transition year for myself, on the court and off the court. So I'm very comfortable when I'm with my whole family and my family is down there and I feel great."

The local Cleveland media tried to get James to expand on his comments from yesterday, but LeBron wouldn't let it go any farther.

"Like I said, yesterday I answered it truthfully, I answered the question truthfully. But it's all about this season for me and it's all about playing with this Miami Heat team and trying to win an NBA championship and the fans in Miami shouldn't be worried about anything at this point."

Granted, that still leaves a little bit open to interpretation, but for now we can sit back and enjoy our Big 3 contending for NBA Titles for years to come.