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FIBA grants clearance for Kenyon Martin to return to NBA

It hasn't taken long for there to be an intriguing change in the course of events surrounding free agent Kenyon Martin and the questions of ‘where...' and ‘when...will he sign?' What we thought would be at least another week or two until he could begin choosing between the offers made to him, a report came out today that sprung everything surrounding this story right into the ‘here and now'

According to Yahoo! Sports, FIBA, the governing body of international basketball, has decided to grant free agent Kenyon Martin his letter of clearance to immediately rejoin the NBA. Martin has been going over his options, visiting with the Atlanta Hawks on Thursday. He is also choosing between the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Chippers, New York Knicks and San Antonio Spurs.

Martin is expected to join his agent Andy Miller in New York, where the two will spend the weekend going over his options and contract offers and try to make a decision as to what will be the best situation for K-Mart to come back to.

Following the weekend, the plan is for Martin to travel to the city of the team he chooses, take a physical exam, sign some contracts and workout with his new team for a week or so before being activated.

I still think that Heat fans shouldn't get too excited about Martin though. It seems that judging by the criteria that he has set, the Heat wouldn't exactly be the perfect fit for K-Mart. He would need guaranteed minutes that are already going to guys named Bosh, Haslem and Anthony. Would it be worth bringing in Martin if it means changing up Erik Spoelstra's rotation? That's a question you'd have to ask Pat Riley to get the best answer....