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Mario Chalmers: Miami Heat Game Changer

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Obviously the Miami Heat wouldn't be where they are right now without the Big 3, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Outside of those superstars, the Heat have been getting a steady dose of contributions from point guard Mario Chalmers, and he is who we are looking at as our Playstation #GameChanger.

Chalmers is having the best season of his career, especially when it comes to shooting the ball. Rio is hitting 51.5% of his field goals and averaging 10.9 points per game, both career highs. It's been well over a year that he has been practicing and playing with the Heat's lethal lineup, and the familiarity is really starting to show.

The impressive shooting doesn't stop there, as Chalmers is also hitting a career best 46.2% of his three-point shots. That has gotten him attention from the NBA, who chose Chalmers to participate in their 3-point Shootout that takes place during the NBA All-Star Weekend's Saturday night.

The bid is even more impressive when you take in account that Rio's teammate James Jones is also participating in the event, as he is the defending champion having won last season in Los Angeles.

With the Miami Heat playing some of the best basketball that NBA fans have seen in a while, it's certainly worth taking into account the solid play of Chalmers. Defensively he has shown improvement in his footwork and ability to not be beaten off the dribble, as well as getting in his opponents passing lanes and picking up steals.

The major value has come with his three-point shooting though. When you have a team with the stars that Miami has, a guy like Chalmers is going to a get a lot of open shots. Now that he is hitting those shots at such a high percentage, it's easy to say that Rio is the exact kind of player that the Heat should be surrounding their Big 3 with.