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Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh to miss the next two games

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For those Miami Heat fans looking forward to an elite power forward matchup between Chris Bosh and LaMarcus Aldridge, you are going to have to wait until next season. It's being reported today that Bosh will miss the Heat's next two games, tonight against the Portland Trail Blazers and tomorrow night against the Utah Jazz, due to the death of his grandmother.

Following the Heat's shootaround earlier today, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said that he is unsure who will replace Bosh in the starting lineup. There plenty of different options that the Heat can use with their lineup, but my guess would be that Udonis Haslem slips into the starting role.

It seems like a long time ago, but Haslem was Miami's starting power forward for the better part of six seasons. Following his rookie year in 2003, where he started 24 games for the Heat, Haslem started all but two of the games he played in over the next five seasons (332 of 334 games).