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Trade Deadline Passes- Now What for the Heat?

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It was a long, hectic and eventful day, but the NBA trade deadline has finally passed. Several teams scrapped, negotiated and invested in players and draft picks, all in efforts to improve their roster.

Surprisingly the Miami Heat however did not make any moves, despite being publicly labeled as a team in desperate need of frontline improvement. There are still a couple of available scenarios however that could appease Miami's interior needs.

Chris Kaman

For some time now Miami has sought to be in the run for Chris Kaman. Along with the Spurs and Celtics, the Heat were hopeful the Hornets would buyout Kaman's $14 Million contract, subsequently enabling them to sign him for much less. The New Orleans Times however has reported that General Manager Dell Demps said he has no intention of buying out Kaman's contract. If it were possible for his contract to get bought out, Kaman has expressed public interest in the Heat and could easily be the best available fit.

Jermaine O'Neal

The one time Miami Heat, has indicated that he wants out of Boston and said he'd like to reunite with the Heat. Jermaine O'neal, similar to Chris Kaman, would need a buyout. The difference here is that O'neal has apparently requested that the Boston Celtics buy his contract out. He's also had a recent injury to his wrist and reportedly considered shutting it down for the season just a couple of weeks back. According to yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Heat have reported mild interest in O'neal at this point but if healthy enough, he could provide that missing interior presence Miami so desperately needs. This would hinge on whether or not GM Danny Ainge would grant O'neal's wish and be ok with possibly helping a rival team.

Rasheed Wallace

Recently retired and former Boston Celtic, Rasheed Wallace reportedly worked out for the Miami Heat. Now 37 years of age, Wallace hasn't played a NBA game since June of 2010. During the NBA lockout however, Wallace played in the North Carolina Pro-Am. Reports were that his workout was fairly decent but no interest was publicly expressed on either side. Wallace has yet to decide whether or not he wants to officially come out of retirement, but one can only wonder what value he still can offer.