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LeBron James Comments On Derek Fisher Buy Out

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(SB Nation Houston, Field Yates) Now that Derek Fisher is officially a free agent after being bought out by the Rockets, the next question is if and where he will resume his NBA career.

One team that may be in need of a veteran guard is the Miami Heat, and star forward LeBron James was asked about the possibility of adding Fisher on Monday, "One thing you know about Derek Fisher is that he's a winner; he's not afraid of the moment and he's won multiple championships. I don't know what our plans are but I don't see it as a bad fit it if happens. What we have we're comfortable with, but he could fit anyone's team because of his leadership and his commitment to winning."

Fisher, a 15-year NBA veteran, was struggling through one of his worst seasons in his career with the Lakers, averaging just 5.9 points per game on 38.3 percent shooting in 2011-2012. He's a respected veteran league-wide, and played an active role in helping to settle the labor dispute that led to the NBA lockout during this past offseason.