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Better Fit for the Heat-Turiaf or Fisher?

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It has been almost a week since the trade deadline has passed, and now the clock is ticking for the Miami Heat to make a key acquisition. March 23rd is the last day for teams to sign a player for the duration of the season.

Reports last week were that Jermaine O'Neal was a possible buyout candidate in Boston but he's since decided to have season ending surgery. Two names have emerged as possible acquisitions for Miami and the question of who's a better fit, isn't as easy as it sounds.

Ronny Turiaf

The quick answer is Ronny Turiaf. Miami is desperate for some frontcourt help, and with O'neal deciding to have season ending surgery, Kaman expected to stay with the Hornets and Rasheed Wallace's NBA return in question, options appear to be slim. J.J. Hickson is another rumored possibility but his potential is capped by his 6,9 height. It doesn't seem logical for the Heat to sign another PF who will subsequently be undersized at the Center position. That leaves Turiaf, who played a meager 4 games this season for the Washington Wizards. After being traded to the Denver Nuggets, Turiaf was waived and is now eligible to be picked up by other teams. Despite not being a 7 footer, Turiaf certainly could help Miami's depleted frontcourt.

Derek Fisher

It seems strange that Miami would have serious interest in Fisher given their obvious inefficiencies at the Center position. The glaring factor of course, would be the championship experience and veteran leadership that perhaps Juwan Howard is attempting to provide currently. Fisher would subsequently have to accept a minimal role on the Heat, but his leadership and clutch shot making ability may be another key area for improvement. Miami still has Eddy Curry and Dexter Pittman, and although fans have yet to see any level of production, perhaps the belief is good things are on the horizon. Lebron James has already expressed mild interest in Derek Fisher, and if this years playoffs end up being as tightly contested as expected, having a 5 time champion that is as calm and as anyone down the stretch could be that X-factor that gets the Heat over the hump.