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Lockout shortened schedule has Miami Heat playing more often in front of home fans

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With the Miami Heat returning home on a bit of a sour note after dropping their last two games on the road, you better believe they are looking at tonight and tomorrow night as a great opportunity to get things going back in the right direction. The Heat play the New Jersey Nets tonight and then welcome the Atlanta Hawks to the AAA on Wednesday night. Believe it or not, this is already the fourth time this season that the Heat have played back-to-back home games on consecutive nights.

So far they have only swept one of those sets, beating the Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Hornets on back-to-back days in late January. One of those games (Chicago) was an afternoon affair, so the Heat have still yet to win home games played on consecutive nights. The other two sets came with second night losses, to the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks respectively.

Following tonight and tomorrow night, the Heat will still have three more sets of home games on consecutive nights. That is interesting because before this season, the last time Miami played at home on back-to-back nights was in the 2007-08 season. Throughout their entire franchise history, the Heat had only played 11 sets of back-to-back home games on consecutive nights, so the seven they play this season is a very unusual scenario, but that's just another casualty of the lockout-shortened season.