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LeBron James accepts MVP award

An emotional LeBron James accepted his third Most Valuable Player award in four years Saturday, with his family and Miami Heat teammates nearby. He is the first Heat player to win the award ever.

The press conference was lighthearted at times - Erik Spoelstra said that he nicknamed James "One-Through-Five" because of his versatility, and Pat Riley took a jab at Pacers center Roy Hibbert - but James choked up a few times. He eventually called all of his teammates to join him on the stage, thanking all of them. Although he became just the eighth player to win the award three times, James said that winning a championship is all that matters to him.

The Heat forward received 85 of a possible 121 first-place votes from media members who determined the award. Kevin Durant was second with 24 first-place votes, and Chris Paul finished with six votes for first place.

NBA Commissioner David Stern will present James with the MVP trophy prior to Miami's opening game of the second-round series against the Indiana Pacers Sunday at 3:30.

NBA MVP 2012: Thanks from LeBron! (via lebronjamescom)