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Miami Heat minus Bosh - ready for Game 2 with Indiana Pacers


The Miami Heat will play their first full playoff game without All Star Chris Bosh today as they look to take an imperative 2-0 series lead over the Indiana Pacers.

The Heat are 4-5 this season without Bosh but will need an all around effort from their frontline, bench and superstars to pull out the victory. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James scored 42 of Miami's 53 2nd half points in game 1 without Bosh, but will need other players step up offensively to fill the void tonight.

Former All Star and veteran leader David West wasn't nonchalanat when asked about game 2 versus the Heat. West expressed his take on the Heat and seemingly took a shot at Chris Bosh when asked how the game will be without him.

"I don't think we can overreact to one guy going down. Wade and LeBron with Bosh going out, it actually puts the ball in their hands even more. When you've got two guys like that, I don't think them losing Bosh really effects what their trying to do other than his height" - West said

Pretty strong comments from West and when you add Roy Hibbert's pre-series comments about the Heat "taking the easy way out by signing two superstars", its apparent that the margin of error for Dwyane Wade and LeBron James just got signifcantly smaller.