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Chris Bosh welcomes new baby, status unknown for Game 3 vs Knicks

Looks like the New York Knicks might not be the only team in this series that could miss their power forward due to circumstances beyond the basketball court.

Chris Bosh suddenly flew back to Miami overnight on the eve of Game 3 to be with his wife Adrienne for the impending birth of their child. The above picture is from Adrienne's Instagram account. She finally gave birth at approximately 9:00 AM EST.


It was thought that Chris Bosh would certainly miss out on the pivotal Game 3, where the Heat could take a commanding 3-0 lead or give the Knicks a glimmer of hope of getting back into the series with a feel-good win at their home in Madison Square Garden, but since the labor wrapped up relatively quickly and there doesn't seem to be any complications it's definitely within the realm of possibility that Bosh could hop right back on a private plane and suit up in time for the 7:00 PM tipoff.

In any event, congratulations are in order for the new family and an exciting new chapter in Bosh's life has just begun. Plenty of restless nights and diaper changes are on the horizon for the power forward. The Heat organization is all about putting family first and they certainly would understand if Bosh can't make it for Game 3 but it would be a fantastic story to tell his kid one day that dad was able to stick it to the Knicks right after the birth.

Heat fans will recall that Mike Miller welcomed a daughter Jaelyn into his family during last year's Eastern Conference Finals series against the Chicago Bulls. Jaelyn was born with a heart defect and had to remain hospitalized for two weeks while dad was playing in the NBA Finals. She has since recovered and is healthy now.

We'll find out soon enough what Bosh's status will be for tonight. Stay tuned.