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BREAKING: Hot Hot Hoops switching over to SB Nation!

It's been a great ride on the Bloguin network but it's time to grab our things and move on. We'd like to thank the Bloguin crew for their support for the past year or so.

The good folks over at SB Nation have made us an offer we couldn't refuse and so we'll be packing up our bags and switching over to their illustrious network in a few short weeks with an all-new HHH logo re-design and site makeover.

Of course, you'll still be getting all the great coverage you've come to expect from Hot Hot Hoops but we'll also be incorporating the writing staff from SB Nation's current Heat blog Peninsula Is Mightier into our fold so you'll get even more content when you need your Miami Heat fix.

While the new site is going through its chrysalis stage, Diego and I will be temporarily filing our reports on the Peninsula Is Mightier site before the all-new Hot Hot Hoops site emerges from its weeks-old cocoon into a glorious butterfly.

So to recap:

1) This isn't a goodbye, you'll just have to temporarily go to Peninsula Is Mightier for our usual Heat coverage while we put on our hard hats and design the new HHH site during the month of May. In the meantime, you can also sign up for an SB Nation account.

2) By the end of the month, you can simply go back to using the same URL you've always used and you'll see our impressive new Hot Hot Hoops site with all new features, super-sized writing crew and hopefully a few new surprises here and there.

3) Go Heat!