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PIM is absorbing Heat blog 'Hot Hot Hoops' and creating Mega-Blog for Miami Heat Coverage

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Always looking for was to improve our site, the good people at SBN have decided to merge our Peninsula Is Mightier Heat blog with another blog called Hot Hot Hoops, bringing aboard their very talented writers to our team and creating something of a mega-blog of Miami Heat Basketball coverage.

If you haven't already, you will begin to see posts being written by our newest additions to the PIM roster. Surya and Diego will be writing alongside Mnelik and myself to provide you with even better coverage area to comment with peers about everything and anything that involves the Miami Heat.

Over the next month or so you may notice some differences here and there around the blog as we will be implementing a new design as the weeks pass. The one thing to keep in mind is that this is still going to be the same Peninsula Is Mightier website with the same users and members. We're just adding a couple new ‘main writers' to join Mnelik and Myself in order to give you all the posting you are used to, and much more Miami Heat coverage.

That's about it! Over the next month you will see some changes pop up here and there over the site, right up until the name and logo are permanently changed to Hot Hot Hoops. Just because the name is changing, doesn't have any impact on your PIM writers Mnelik, or myself. Trust me when I say, all these moves are very good for the website.

I hope you guys out there can see what this means for the future of Peninsula Is Mightier, Hot Hot Hoops and more. We are merging into one great Miami Heat blog that is going to kick some online ass! Over the next few days you'll see posts written from our new guys, Surya and Diego, and I hope that you guys will show them the respect and appreciation they deserve for the work that we all do.

Thanks again for your time...and LETS GO HEAT!!!!!