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Hot Hot Hoops Podcast Postseason Edition: ECF Heat vs Celtics Mid-Series Report

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HHH Podcast Logo

After Friday night's tough loss to the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat look to regroup and attempt to earn a split on the road so they can have a chance to close out the Eastern Conference Finals back home for Game 5. In the latest edition of the Hot Hot Hoops podcast, the crew here attempt to pick up the pieces and dissect the Game 3 loss and what the Heat need to do Sunday to take control of the series.

Staff writers Surya Fernandez, Diego Quezada and Mnelik Kilenmn also discuss the "Erik Spoelstra vs Doc Rivers" coaching battle, how the Heat have had to adjust with the absence of Chris Bosh and how they could incorporate him back into the fold should he make an appearance in this series, managing the minutes for Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, and much more.

Just click on the link below to get our latest podcast and start listening. What else are you going to do until Sunday evening anyway?

Hot Hot Hoops Podcast: Heat vs Celtics Midseries Report