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Hot Hot Hoops Podcast: Miami Heat 2012 NBA Championship Edition

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HHH Podcast Logo
HHH Podcast Logo

We celebrate the Miami Heat and the 2012 NBA Championship with a special Hot Hot Hoops Podcast that takes a look back at the NBA Finals series against the Oklahoma City Thunder as well the Heat's unstoppable playoff run.

Staff writers Diego Quezada, Mnelik Belilgne and Surya Fernandez discuss topics including:

  • The Erik Spoelstra vs Scott Brooks coaching matchup, that was handily won by the Heat coach.
  • How LeBron James rose up to the challenge when it counted the most, with a masterful series performance and the triple-double in the closeout Game 5 victory.
  • How much did the Heat's experience matter in this NBA Finals series after the disappointing ending to the season last year? What lessons did LeBron James learn from that humbling experience?
  • Will we see the OKC Thunder back in the NBA Finals versus the Miami Heat in years to come?
  • And many more

Download the audio file right below. Cheers!!

Hot Hot Hoops Podcast Miami Heat 2012 NBA Championship Edition