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Trailer released for upcoming 2012 NBA Miami Heat Champions DVD

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2012 Miami Heat NBA Championship DVD
2012 Miami Heat NBA Championship DVD

The time has now come to check out the awesome teaser trailer for the 2012 NBA Champions Film that will be released as a DVD/ Blu-Ray Combo Pack on July 24th.

The best moments of the regular season and postseason championship run are preserved in high definition glory for Heat fans to sit back, relax and soak in as many times as they wish during the offseason. The NBA is taking pre-orders already so get to stepping.

Here's all you need to know that make this a must-buy and a perfect way to cap off this glorious season.

"Produced by the award-winning NBA Entertainment, with a behind-the-scenes pass for fans to follow one of the most scrutinized champions in all of sports, the film's features include Heat practice between Games 4 and 5, exclusive footage from the team's parade floats and exclusive interviews with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Erik Spoelstra, and Mike Miller among others."

Need more convincing?

The extra features on the disc include:

- Top Career Playoff Moments - LeBron James

- Dwyane Wade Spotlight

- Dwyane Wade One on One with Ahmad Rashad

- Chris Bosh One on One with Ahmad Rashad

- Timeout with Chris Bosh

- Top 10 Miami Heat Regular Season Plays

- Top 10 Miami Heat Playoff Plays