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Ronny Turiaf becomes unrestricted free agent

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Soon after the 2011-12 season began, Pat Riley looked for players to bolster his front-line. He tried to sign Kenyon Martin and Joel Przybilla but eventually was able to convince Ronny Turiaf to join the team in mid-season. Despite Turiaf's exuberant displays of enthusiasm from the bench, this marriage will likely only last for a few months. ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported that Turiaf will decline his player option for $1.2 million, electing to become an unrestricted free agent.

Despite the fact that Riley repeatedly looked to sign a power forward/center, Turiaf ended up without much of a role on the Heat. As soon as Chris Bosh moved to the center position near the end of the regular season, Turiaf's minutes dropped significantly. Turiaf became Miami's starting center when Bosh injured his abdominal muscle in the second round, but Joel Anthony and Udonis Haslem received the lion's share of minutes. Turiaf's decision is somewhat surprising, if only because it appears unlikely that he will receive more money elsewhere.

The Heat already have Bosh, Haslem and Anthony under contract for next season. Riley also said that the Heat will guarantee Dexter Pittman's contract for next season, most likely ensuring that he'll stay on the team for another year. Miami appears to have interest in signing Ray Allen, but no one can deny that the Heat's power rotation leaves a lot to be desired once one gets past Bosh. It will be interesting to see who the Heat target in free agency.