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Miami Heat and LeBron James triumph again, this time at 2012 ESPYs

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Mike Miller Juwan Howard ESPYs
Mike Miller Juwan Howard ESPYs

Special report from Kristy Jacobo (@kristyjacobo)

Another year of the ESPYs has passed and this year it was hosted by comedian Rob Riggles. He began the show by congratulating the Los Angeles Kings for winning their first Stanley Cup last month, and as the skit went on it was no surprise when he brought up everyone's favorite topic of the past year: our very own LeBron James. "Enough hating on LeBron, c'mon what are you mad about?"

Before the show began, LeBron had already won the ESPY award for Best NBA Player, and as the night progressed, he also took home Best Male Athlete, and Best Championship Moment. When the night ended, LeBron thanked his fans via Twitter for his accomplishments: "Huge S/O to the Fans though! U guys mean everything to me. #loveyouguys"

Miami isn't the only city who hosted a championship parade this year, Rob Riggles had his own parade after winning his fantasy football league but didn't have as great of a response as the parade here in Miami considering he was the only one who attended.

My personal favorite award of the night was for Eric LeGrand, the former Rutgers defensive tackle that was paralyzed in a 2010 game, who was honored with the Jimmy V Perseverance award that was sure to inspire anyone who watched his story and listened to his speech. "When I'm done with my time, and it's over to inspire everybody, I believe I will walk again."

The viewers also got to chat with the 2012 USA Basketball team who were watching the award show from Vegas where they are training for the London Olympics. Blake Griffin and Kevin Love came on the show to speak to Rob Riggles for a couple of minutes but had some technical difficulties and let out a secret or two of their night out with Rob the night before.

The highlight of the night though, was when Mike Miller and Juwan Howard accepted the award for the Miami Heat franchise, which was voted best of all the championship teams over the past year in ESPY Twitter vote.

What was your favorite part of the 2012 ESPYs?

Miller/Howard pic courtesy of ESPY Twitter account