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More details released for upcoming Miami Heat NBA Championship DVD

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2012 Miami Heat NBA Championship DVD
2012 Miami Heat NBA Championship DVD

You've had enough of waiting for the release of the most hotly anticipated cinematic event of the summer.

No, we're not talking about The Dark Knight Rises.

On Tuesday, July 24, every Miami Heat fan can finally pick up the Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions Film that will preserve the Heat's historic regular and post season title run in a DVD/ Blu-Ray Combo Pack. Bombo Sports & Entertainment is handling the release and they recently revealed more info on what exactly will be on the disc.

The film provides a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most talked-about teams in all of sports, including exclusive interviews with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Mike Miller, and head coach Erik Spoelstra as well as coverage of the Heat's Finals practices and the championship parade.

Bonus features include James' Top Career Playoff Moments and the Top 10 Moments from the Miami Heat regular season and post season.

Heat fans were thrilled enough to have the 2006 Championship DVD to relive all the best moments of that historic title run, even if it was just to see Antoine Walker's shoulder shimmy or Alonzo Mourning's fist waving on his back after blocking yet another Dallas Maverick shot just one more time. Even still, it was a bit of a bummer that there was no high definition release of the single disc or the box set in order to preserve the original broadcast.

"This was a Finals that every sports fan will remember and NBA Entertainment has done an outstanding job capturing not just the story but the spirit and emotion of the Miami Heat's ascension to the championship," said Paul Doyle, Executive Producer for Bombo. "For the first time, this film will be offered on DVD and Blu-Ray together so that fans can own this piece of history without concern for format."

The Championship DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack is available for $24.99. Fans can pre-order now on and other major e-commerce retailers. The film will hit stores Tuesday, July 24, and will also be available on iTunes.