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Miami Heat interested in signing Jordan Hill

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The Miami Heat are one of many teams that have recently expressed interest in signing free agent power forward Jordan Hill. Sean Deveney and Dave McMenamin have reported that the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers are all rumored to be in the hunt for Hill.

Hill was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers last season from the Houston Rockets at the deadline and although sidelined for the majority of the regular season, he relished once given the opportunity and played a significant role in the playoffs for the Lakers.

Jordan Hill had a relatively quite rookie year statistically, averaging just 5 PPG and 4.8 RPG but only logged around 14 minutes per game, while maintaining an impressive 15.8 PER rating.

Hill's coming out party started towards the end of the regular season where he played 35 minutes against the Oklahoma City Thunder in a double overtime win, posting 14 points, 15 rebounds and 3 blocks.

According to basketballreference Jordan Hill's averages per 36 minutes with the Lakers were 14.5 Points, 13.6 Rebounds and 2.6 Blocks.