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Sean Williams emerges as another Heat target


ESPN's Marc Stein reported today that the Houston Rockets waived the 6-foot-9 Sean Williams Monday, making the journeyman a free agent. Stein added that the Miami Heat have expressed interest in Williams before and will consider him now because the Heat front office is looking for big men.

Reports previously linked the Heat to Darko Milicic, Andray Blatche, Josh Harrellson and Chris Andersen. Still with two open roster spots, Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra appear to be doing their due diligence before signing their preferred free agent(s). After earning two suspensions in three years at Boston College, Williams was dismissed from the basketball team. He also was arrested twice during his NBA tenure, but has maintained a clean record since 2009. His perceived baggage and character issues could hinder his chances of signing with the Heat. Riley certainly knows how rocky of a relationship the team had with Michael Beasley.

Williams is known as an athletic shot-blocker, and he did find a niche at Boston College despite his multiple rule violations. But it's somewhat troubling that he hasn't found a home in the NBA, especially since a couple of teams badly needing help in the middle have signed him and decided to move on. The Dallas Mavericks added Williams after Tyson Chandler's departure, and the Boston Celtics later signed Williams for the 2012 playoff run. All Miami needs is another big body, but perhaps the 3-point shooting of Josh Harrellson could prove useful. And only weighing 235 pounds, Williams could have trouble defending the likes of Andrew Bynum, Dwight Howard and Marc Gasol.

Correction: A previous version of this article said that ESPN"s Marc Stein reported Miami was interested in Shelden Williams, not Sean Williams. Hot Hot Hoops regrets this error.