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NBA 3 on 3 tournament: Take a wild guess who would play for the Heat


You might have heard that FIBA is reportedly considering adding a 3-on-3 tournament to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This would be an awesome addition, both because it would be so much fun to watch and simply because we could be treated to even more basketball at the brightest stage on the international level.

As fascinating as this scenario would be if it indeed happens, SB Nation got to thinking that it would be a fun idea to pit NBA teams together in a similar fashion and have each blog on our illustrious network choose three players from each current roster.

We at Hot Hot Hoops obviously think this is a fantastic idea. Do we need to explain why?

The Heat's Big 3 formula is a rather devastating formula for domination. Yeah, the rules would be different in a tournament such as this and since it would be a half-court game it would rob the Heat of one of their most electrifying attributes: the unstoppable fast break. But you know what? It doesn't matter because it's the Big 3!

It starts with the reigning MVP and NBA FInals MVP LeBron James, who somehow seems to be only now reaching the peak of his powers. With each team reduced down to just three, LeBron's strengths on both offense and defense are magnified even further with more room to operate and less bodies to get in the way of the basket. Of course he can score with the best of them but it's those pinpoint passes to his teammates, his athleticism to stay in front of his man and shut him down, his rebounding, and on and on and on.

Truth is, LeBron paired with just about combination of players from the Heat's core rotation would likely give any other NBA 3-on-3 team headaches and just might be enough to take home the top spot anyway. But what about the other two coveted spots on this imaginary team?

Oh yeah, the Heat can count on the most accomplished player to ever wear a Heat uniform that goes by the name of Mr. Dwyane Wade. As the guard of this efficient squad, Wade can comfortably handle the ball in tandem with LeBron and they each can take turns rolling to the basket for highlight-worthy alley-oops. Any reader of this blog knows what kind of damage a healthy and rested Wade can inflict on opponents.

Tying it all together is the one and only Chris Bosh. His value to the team should never have been questioned by those who apparently don't watch Heat basketball on a consistent basis. But his absence from the team after his injury in the middle of the Heat's title run made it abundantly clear just what he brings to the table. Even though he can't launch as many shots as he used to in Toronto, he provides much-needed size near the basket and even showed off some range when he came back from injury to provide a huge boost just in the time for the NBA Finals.

So there you go. Any Heat fan, or even a casual fan of the sport, can see that a 3-on-3 tournament would spell doom for any NBA team that would face the formidable trio that the Heat can send as their representatives. You could even say that USA Basketball could simply send these three to represent the country and comfortably secure the gold too.

Does any other team even have a chance? Have your say below.