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Post options dwindling for Miami

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According to multiple reports, free agent center Andray Blatche is nearing a deal with the Brooklyn Nets, likely of the non-guaranteed variety. ESPN's Marc Stein tweeted as such yesterday.

This is relevant to the Miami Heat because Michael Lee of the Washington Post reported shortly thereafter that Blatche is also considering a deal from the Heat, citing a few sources close to Blatche. Besides the interest in Blatche, the Heat have invited Josh Harrellson in for multiple workouts, as they look around the landscape to find interior depth.

Although Chris Bosh is probably cemented as the team's starting center after his switch to the position late last season was a successful one, the Heat's front office would like the luxury of a competent backup who can compete for time with Joel Anthony and Dexter Pittman. Enter Blatche, the former Washington Wizard with an intriguing skill set who has been mentored by John Lucas over the summer and is attempting to restore a public image that got cloudy in Washington.

It has already been covered on this blog how Blatche could potentially fit in with the Heat, but the Heat find themselves in a quandary in this situation. Under the current salary cap constraints, there is only two ways to get a proven, impact post player. It has to come in the bargain bin with a player coming off injury, like Greg Oden, or a situation like Blatche's that brings serious character issues. Unless they go the route of a useless veteran like Erick Dampier or Jamaal Magloire.

It seems like Blatche is Brooklyn bound, however, leaving the options for Miami, outside of Harrellson, as Darko Milicic, Sean Williams, Eddy Curry, Mickell Gladness, Kenyon Martin, and Chris Andersen, among others. As the season approaches, however, it is worth noting that the Heat has less issues to figure out than just about every other team in the league. So in context, this is a very minor issue and most NBA organizations would love to have the Heat's problems.