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LeBron tackles Heat fan who wins $75,000 with half-court hook shot

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Check out the highlight of the night as the Miami Heat steamroll the Detroit Pistons (and a lucky fan).

In a game that featured plenty of Miami Heat highlights as they cruised to their fourth straight victory in a 110-88 decision over the Detroit Pistons, one lucky fan enjoyed the most memorable moment after hitting a miracle shot at half court.

Michael Drysch, a 50-year old computer technician, had the most awkward shooting style you could possibly imagine for a halfcourt shot, yet sank it easily. LeBron could not contain his excitement and ran over to congratulate the surprised winner.

He walked away with $75,000 from Carmex, a sponsor of LeBron James, and also won another $75,000 for the LeBron James Family Foundation.

LeBron later tweeted out:

How bout my man Michael with the sky hook from half court for 75k large!!!

Check the video out now!