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Ray Allen returns to Boston

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All records will go out the window on Sunday afternoon, as two franchises with an intense history with one player anchored in between them, take center stage.

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The Miami Heat and Boston Celtics have had their battles in the last few years, both in the regular season and playoffs. But nothing stung Celtics fans more than Ray Allen's decision to leave them and sign with the world champion Miami Heat.

Ray Allen is set to return to the TD Garden for the first time and it will be interesting to see what kind of warm welcoming/absolute verbal onslaught the 17 year veteran receives.

"I've thought about it. I think more about who, family-wise, is going, who can go and sorting the whole protocol out. I don't know what to expect from their side. But it's an interesting concept because I've always gotten a warm welcome, even before I started playing there. I just want to win. Everything else will take care of itself." - Ray Allen said

This game couldn't come at a more ironic time for the Celtics, who have lost 6 games in a row and currently sit three games under 500. Perhaps this is the sort of game they can use to jump start an upswing for the season. Then again, if the Heat beat them and Ray Allen hits a couple dagger 3-pointers from the corner and turns around, glaring at the Celtics bench, it could further dismantle their mood and confidence.

"I'll savor it, going back and seeing the people you spent so much time with. But if you're going into a situation thinking about negative perceptions or behavior that's unbecoming of good sportsmanship, then you just want to get it over with, win the game and get out of there. I don't want it to distract these guys from everybody doing their job and being ready to play." - Allen said

I never saw what the big deal was for Ray Allen to decide to leave the land of the green. At the end of the day, there's no such thing as loyalty in sports because nobody "owns" anybody. If LeBron James opted out of his contract in 2014 and decided to sign with another team, Heat fans shouldn't feel angered or betrayed because every player has the freedom to decide what's best for them.

With all that being said. Ray Allen......prepare to get booooooooooeeeeeeed