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Reggie Evans scoffs at Heat's title due to lockout season, disses LeBron

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Journeyman Reggie Evans all but guarantees a monster game from LeBron James tonight against the Brooklyn Nets with his foolish comments.


Brooklyn Nets power forward Reggie Evans had some strong words for LeBron James about the Miami Heat's championship last season.

When asked by the New York Daily News if it would mean anything if the Nets beat the defending champs and prove to the NBA that his team is for real.

"It doesn't prove nothing. That was a lockout season."

Evans was more than happy to provide the Heat and the MVP with even more locker room material. Asked about his team's strategy to guard LeBron, he was quite blunt.

"Our team is defending the Miami Heat. If our team has to defend one person, LeBron isn't going to score nothing. LeBron is no different from Joe Johnson or Andray Blatche. No different," Evans said. "People need help (on defense). Some people don't need help. Everybody has to be double-teamed, it doesn't matter who you are. You just have to stop LeBron in transition.

"He's quick in transition. If you look at Joe Johnson -- Joe Johnson has two or three people trying to stop him. Whoever is guarding him."

Okay, so LeBron is no different than Johnson or Blatche. Got it. Let's see what Reggie has to say after tonight's game.

Update: LeBron posted this status update on Facebook:

Just keep throwing rocks at the throne, don't matter cause nothing can break my zone.