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Heat look to rebound against the Wizards

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Coming off a disappointing loss to the Bulls, the Miami Heat will host the Wizards on Sunday with all efforts geared towards improving their rebounding.

Mike Ehrmann

The Miami Heat are currently the second worst rebounding team in the NBA, averaging just 38.7 boards a game and just .02 higher than the dead last Boston Celtics (38.5).

The Washington Wizards are coming into town and although they hold the NBA's worst record, their actually the sixth best rebounding team in the NBA, averaging 43.7 per game.

Rotation changes?

Something has got to give. And while some find it amazing that LeBron leads the Heat in rebounds, I find it pathetic. The frontline has to do a better job.

"We have enough guys who are capable of it. Individually guys are capable of doing their job better, either block out or chase down rebounds. We need to have some career years from guys on the glass. We've got to go out and do it. If the ball is in your region, try to go up and get it. If not, box out your guy and let somebody else go get it." - LeBron James said

According to, these lineups have produced the best rebounding numbers.




Anthony, Battier, James, Wade, Chalmers



Allen, Bosh, Miller, Cole, Haslem



Allen, James, Miller, Cole, Haslem



The numbers seem to indicate that Joel Anthony, Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller are key ingredients to a consistent rebounding effort. It might also be time for Josh Harrellson to play more. Of active Heat players, take a look at the best rebounding averages per 36 minutes.


TRB per 36 Mins


Dexter Pittman



Udonis Haslem



Josh Harrellson



Chris Bosh



LeBron James



The Dexter Pittman stat is hilarious, I know.

Enjoy the game.