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LeBron teams up with Powerade to present a full one hour training session

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Can you keep up with a full LeBron James workout? His new Powerade videos, titled "LeBronTime", take you behind the scenes of what he does to become #1.

It's officially LeBronTime.

No, not only because the NBA regular season is now finally around the corner.

LeBron James takes you behind the scenes, far away from the bright lights and spectacle of an NBA game, of how he works on his game and stays in top shape in a new project he's worked on with Powerade. There's plenty of hidden surprises sprinkled throughout the video.

Check out the full video above, or access Powerade's main YouTube page to see the interactive version. On that page you'll be able to access more videos including one of Norris Cole talking about LeBron's work ethic, along with one titled "The Art of Shooting With LeBron" and one with workout tips from trainer Mike Mancias.

Below is the trailer (don't blink or you might miss LeBron's "special appearance" at the end).

"Greatness has no shortcut"

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