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Heat visit Wizards halfway through preseason schedule

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The Heat have a two game road trip with the first stop being in the nation's capitol to face the winless Wizards.


There really can't be too much to be excited for with 3-0 preseason record the Miami Heat. We all know preseason doesn't mean much, but there is growing anticipation of the season in which the Heat seem ready for.

LeBron James busted out in the Heat's last game against the Pistons, and Chris Bosh was consistent the first two games. Michael Beasley has been encouraging, and it seems everyone is just ready.

The Heat will visit the Washington Wizards tonight at 7:00 on NBATV. The Wizards are 0-2 so far in the preseason. John Wall scored 16 points in the opener but scored only 3 points in 22 minutes in their last outing. The Wizards returned from playing in Brazil last week.

We know the Heat do not anticipate to play Greg Oden who just played 5-on-5 basketball yesterday for the first time in years. The status of Dwyane Wade is uncertain as they are not trying to push him too hard. The Heat play the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday on TNT, Spoelstra might save Wade for that.

Look for the Heat to continue to work out the kinks in their game. There will be rough spots, it's early. The most important thing to watch for is the continued involvement of Beasley. Will he be productive?

Tune in tonight to watch the Heat!