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LeBron bringing back the pregame chalk toss this season

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LeBron drops the bombshell announcement via Instagram early Wednesday morning...

Marc Serota

It's coming back. And it's coming to an arena near you.

In an early Wednesday post on Instagram, Miami Heat forward LeBron James showed off the new NBA 2K14, his first cover ever for the basketball video game franchise, and the last hashtag at the end gave the first clue that the MVP was bringing back his infamous powder toss before games:


When asked about it after Wednesday's practice, the second day of training camp with the Heat at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, LeBron confirmed the announcement.

"It's just me," he responded. But why the switch back? "Because I love my fans and they wanted it back. So they wanted me to do it, so (it's) for my fans."

Abandoned during the 2011 NBA Playoffs while playing against the Boston Celtics, LeBron has since won two championships without the chalk toss. With the return of his customary pregame ritual, Heat fans can expect to hear plenty of cheers at the AmericanAirlines Arena and plenty of boos from fans when he's on the road.

The NBA's time limit on pregame activities, instituted last year, still applies for this upcoming season so LeBron might need to hurry the whole process up a bit - just like teammate Dwyane Wade had to do with his salute to Heat fans before home games.

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