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Heat vs Bulls - Player of the Match: LeBron James

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For each game this season, Hot Hot Hoops' new writer Sean Walsh will crown a player of the match. LeBron James gets the honors for opening night.

With the HEAT embarking on their 26th year in the NBA, there have not been many talents better than the MVP of the past two seasons LeBron James.

He said in the preseason that he wants to lead the team each and every night and he did that last night against the Bulls finishing with 17 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists. He was clinical with his shooting, going 7 for 9 from inside the three point line with a few great jumpers as well as those spectacular finishes around the rim we are so used to seeing each and every night. He was also very good on defense limiting his match-up to poor shots and only scoring eight points against him.

LeBron James' BIG Opening Night vs the Bulls (via NBA)