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Preseason Game #1 Recap: Aggressive Bosh leads the way as Heat beat Hawks 92-87

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Miami maintained a steady lead until late in the fourth quarter, where they battled back and were triumphant in their pre-season debut.

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In Miami's first game back since the NBA Finals they appeared well rested and ready to go with a mostly comfortable victory over division rivals Atlanta Hawks 92-87 to start the preseason.

Coach Erik Spoelstra appeared to be experimenting with certain lineups throughout the game, most of which meshed together quite well. Norris Cole looked comfortable at point guard, and appeared to be working on his defensive ability throughout the off-season as he sported a stellar stat line of 9 points, and 3 blocks. Joel Anthony saw a decent amount of playing time at center, and was an asset defensively as he recorded 2 blocks and 2 steals. Ray Allen showed no signs of aging, as he was particularly aggressive both offensively and defensively. Roger Mason Jr. was spectacular in his first outing as a member of the Heat, going 3-4 from three-point land, and being able to get open with ease. He showed great signs of hustle, and could be a tremendous asset as we approach the regular season. He had 14 points. LeBron was solid as usual, but didn't put up the numbers we've grown accustomed too.

The real star of this game was Chris Bosh, who seems to be living up to his testaments in which he claimed that this season would be the best of his career. Bosh had 21 points, and his playmaking and footwork were spectacular. Bosh ignited the crowd with a spin move lay-up in the first half that could have been used as a statement to all doubters he's faced while in Miami.

This wasn't by all means an exciting game as Miami controlled from the start, up until late in the fourth quarter. Miami maintained a 15-to-20 point lead for the most part until Atlanta got to within four as the game came to a close. This Atlanta Hawks team finds themselves without a star, and most likely in the middle of the pack of Eastern Conference teams.

Nonetheless, Miami Heat fans should be energized. This was but just a preview of things to come and it seems as if the gears are turning smoothly. If Coach Spoelstra can create a successful rotation utilizing the talents of the new players, the Heat will be extremely terrifying to any opponent.

Miami's preseason continues Thursday versus the Detroit Pistons at 7:30 pm Eastern time.

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