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The Heat fall in battle vs Celtics

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In an intense game, that many thought would be a blowout Jeff Green's final buzzer beater buried Miami.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It came down to the final minutes yet again. After three quarters of trading punches with the Celtics, Miami fell in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. While Heat fans are probably less than impressed with the final outcome of this game, it's worth noting that Miami played exceptionally well in this one. The Heat shot 57.7 percent for the game, including 66.7 percent in the fourth quarter. Those are solid percentages, and there were some silver lining throughout the game. Michael Beasley is finally coming into his own, last night he had 10 points and actually scored eight straight. This effectively means that Coach Spoelstra is finally experimenting with the rotation and in some cases it's working extremely well.

Nevertheless, there is no question that Miami should have won this game. LeBron James despite suffering a sore back was spectacular for 25 points, eight rebounds and 10 assists. Bosh was also stellar scoring 20. The final seconds decided everything, and were extremely poorly executed by the Heat. With 3.6 seconds remaining in regulation time LeBron James was fouled and moved Miami up 110-106. Gerald Wallace would hit a layup before fouling Dwyane Wade. Wade's free throws changed everything for the Heat. He missed his first and tried to intentionally miss the second (or that's what it seemed) and his plan failed. This allowed Jeff Green to hit an amazing buzzer beater for the win. Wade admitted he made a poor decision and took full responsibility for the loss post game. Coach Spoelstra was in poor spirits following the game saying:

"They outplayed us, outcompeted against us. This game has always had an energy and a karma about it, and we did too many things where we did not deserve to win that game and it cost us in the end."

This win is the Celtics' third straight, and Miami's third loss this season. They look to bounce back Tuesday as they take on the Bucks.