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Fox Sports to feature Phantom Cam on upcoming HEAT Sun Sports broadcasts

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Three Miami Heat games on Sun Sports will be enhanced with the Phantom Cam starting Friday night.

The next best thing to seeing the Miami HEAT play live is about to begin Friday night with the addition of the revolutionary Phantom Cam to next three Sun Sports broadcasts.

Loyal readers of Hot Hot Hoops will no doubt remember some of the videos we posted up (such as here, here, here and here) featuring eye-popping slow motion highlights that captured the Heat's NBA title run. Now you can see that same camera work its magic during Friday night's home game versus the Dallas Mavericks, as well as on Tuesday, November 19 when they host the Atlanta Hawks and the next day on Wednesday, November 20 against the Orlando Magic.

From the Fox Sports press release:

(MIAMI, FL) -FOX's Phantom Cam is revolutionizing game telecasts, and for the first time, it will make its South Florida NBA debut on Sun Sports when the Miami HEAT host the Dallas Mavericks.

With the ability to record up to 5,000 frames per second, Phantom Cam is able to show live game action in never-before-seen slow-motion detail. A typical slow-motion camera records at 380 frames per second or less. The Phantom Cam frame rate allows the broadcast to slow video down with clarity to show things the human eye and other cameras cannot pick up.

After rave reviews following its introduction during the World Series last year, FOX Sports has been experimenting with it further this year, giving regional networks around the country a chance to try it out. In Florida, it was featured this past season for Miami Marlins games and most recently with the Florida Panthers. Friday will mark the first time Sun Sports has ever used this technology for a NBA broadcast.

Here's more Phantom Cam footage...

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