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HHH GameTime Preview: Miami Heat Vs. Charlotte Bobcats

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The HEAT hit the road to face an improved Bobcats bunch. Has Charlotte improved enough to go toe-to-toe with the champs?

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Tonight the Miami HEAT hit the road for a quick one-game roadtrip to play the Bobcats in Charlotte at the Time Warner Cable Arena. It's the first of four contests this season, with a return engagement slated for December 1st. Later, they'll face off twice in South Beach on January 18th and on March 3rd. The HEAT just finished a four-game homestand with a 3-1 mark, and head back to the AAA for a game against the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday before a home-and-home series with the Orlando Magic.

The Bobcats just came off a very successful two-game roadtrip, defeating the Boston Celtics 89-83 on Wednesday and the Cleveland Cavaliers 86-80 last night. They'll head back out again to play the Bulls in Chicago on Monday.

The HEAT and the Bobcats last faced off on April 5th last season, when a 58-16 Miami squad paid a visit to the 18-57 Cats. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James grabbed some bench, allowing since-departed Mike Miller to post a game-high 26 points with five rebounds and four assists. Chris Bosh scored 18 with eight boards and six dimes, and Rashard Lewis scored 14 with five rebounds. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist led Charlotte with 18 points and 14 rebounds. Miami won the game, 89-79. * Full Recap * Box Score

Heat Vs Bobcats Highlights 5 April 2013 - NBA Recap NBA CIRCLE Today (via NBACIRCLETODAY)

Miller, who hit seven-of-11 shots from long distance, spoke later about his efforts.

It's the Miami Heat way. Defense leads us to offense. Tonight, we made enough shots to win the game. I just wanted to get out there and be aggressive. I feel great right now. My body feels good. I'm healthy for once and I just want to get out here and compete and contribute.

For more on the Bobcats, check out Rufus on Fire.

Last night, Miami defeated the Dallas Mavericks 110-104. LeBron James led the way with a season
high 39 points on a 14-of-18 night from the field. He also went 10-for-11 from the line, grabbed six
rebounds and dished out four assists. Dwayne Wade pitched in with 17 points, eight assists and a
career high eight steals, and Chris Bosh scored 14 with four boards and two blocked shots. Dirk
Nowitzki did not show his age, leading the Mavs with 28 points, six rebounds and three helpers.
* Full Recap * Box Score

NBA CIRCLE - Dallas Mavericks Vs Miami Heat Highlights 15 Nov. 2013 (via NBACIRCLETODAY)

Wade spoke about his eight steals later on:

I was in a groove in a different kind of way. I was kind of in a zone defensively.

Head on over to Mavs Moneyball for a Texi-fied take on last night's events.

The Bobcats defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers last night, 86-80. Kidd-Gilchrist led five Bobcats in
double figures with 16 points and eight rebounds, and Bismack Biyomobo grabbed 12 boards
with three blocked shots. Kyrie Irving led the Cavs with a game-high 18 points with 10 assists.
* Full Recap * Box Score

Charlotte Bobcats vs Cleveland Cavaliers | November 15, 2013 | Full Highlights | NBA 2013-14
Season (via NBACalifornia)

Charlotte guard Gerald Henderson talked about the win afterward:

None of us really shot the ball well, but we just scrapped that one out. It was all effort -- and
we wanted to win. This is the kind of team we can be all season, as long as we keep working
together and playing hard.

Today in HEAT history

Miami is 1-10 when playing on November 16th.

1990 - Pacers 106, HEAT 80
1991 - HEAT 120, Bucks 116, OT
1994 - 76ers 109, HEAT 96
1996 - 76ers 91, HEAT 89
1999 - Trail Blazers 101, HEAT 96
2001 - Hornets 96, HEAT 87
2002 - Wizards 95, HEAT 65
2003 - Lakers 99, HEAT 77
2004 - TimberWolves 108, HEAT 97
2007 - Celtics 92, HEAT 91
2008 - Raptors 107, HEAT 96

Starting Lineups


PG - Norris Cole
PF - LeBron James
C - Chris Bosh
SF - Shane Battier
SG - Dwyane Wade


PG - Kemba Walker
PF - Josh McRoberts
C - Al Jefferson
SF - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
SG - Gerald Henderson

Team Leaders


Points: LBJ - 27.0, Dwade - 18.3, BOSH - 16.9
Rebounds: BOSH - 6.1, LBJ - 5.6, DWade - 5.0
Assists: LBJ - 6.9, DWade - 5.5, Rio - 5.0
Steals: DWade - 2.8, Rio - 2.1, Noco, 'shard - 0.8
Blocks: BOSH - 1.6, Birdman - 0.9, DWade - 0.8
PER: LBJ (328 minutes) - 28.8, BOSH (245 minutes) - 21.6, DWade (276 minutes) - 20.6, RayRay (194 minutes) - 17.5, Rio (247 minutes) - 16.8


Points: Kemba Walker - 14.6, Gerald Henderson - 13.2, Ramon Sessions - 12.2
Rebounds: Bismack Biyombo - 7.9, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - 6.0, Gerald Henderson - 4.7
Assists: Kemba Walker - 4.7, Josh McRoberts - 4.1, Ramon Sessions - 3.3
Steals: Kemba Walker - 2.0, Josh McRoberts, Gerald Henderson - 0.9
Blocks: Bismack Biyombo - 1.3, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - 1.2, Jeff Adrien - 1.0
Ramon Sessions (183 minutes) - 21.0, Al Jefferson (91 minutes) - 19.2, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (264 minutes) - 16.8, Josh McRoberts (220 minutes) - 14.9, Anthony Tolliver (103 minutes) - 13.0

Thanks for stopping by. For more on Charlotte, go to Rufus on Fire. Check back here at 6PM for the Game Thread.