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Beckham eyes LeBron as investor for new MLS franchise in Miami

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David Beckham, the English soccer superstar that selected Miami as the site for a new Major League Soccer team, has reached out to Miami Heat superstar LeBron James with hopes that King James will put his name, credibility and more importantly, his money, behind the new team. James already owns a percentage of British soccer team Liverpool and is the undisputed King of South Florida sports.

LeBron James and David Beckham shake hands before a recent game in Miami
LeBron James and David Beckham shake hands before a recent game in Miami

When Major League Soccer told David Beckham that he could purchase a new team for $25 million, a substantially reduced rate, they had no idea that he would reach out to Miami Heat superstar LeBron James to gauge his interest in becoming a potential investor.

Now reports are coming in that the superstar duo have already met to discuss a potential deal.

James is no stranger to the soccer world as he owns a percentage of the British franchise in Liverpool and is a fan of the international sport.  He is proud of the fact that of all the cities in the U.S. that Beckham could have selected, he chose Miami.

"Miami is just one of those cities," Beckham said in a recent interview.

James, understandably, is equally excited about the prospects for the city.

"It is excellent news for Miami that he chose us," James said earlier this month when news broke that Beckham would seek a franchise in Miami. "I met him when he came to watch the Heat play. He seems (to be) a cool guy so I'd like to get to know him more."

James even went so far as to extend an invitation to Beckham to have dinner with his family in Miami and tour his neighborhood with the intention of Beckham's family moving close to the NBA legend.

"I know things can be kind of crazy from the start," James said. "We live in a great neighborhood. It would be great to be neighbors."

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