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LeBron James crowned most stylish athlete of 2013 by GQ

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After reviewing a year's worth of fashion in professional sports, GQ has named LeBron James the most stylish athlete of the year. As the hands down authority on men's fashion for decades, they would know.


Fess up, guys. Who laughed at the bird sweater LeBron James wore post-game at the podium during the 2013 NBA Playoffs? Raise your hand. Higher, please. Now, you guys with your hands up look and see whose hand is down. Yep. It's GQ Magazine. GQ Magazine has just named LeBron James the #1 Most Stylish Athlete of 2013. Bird sweater and all.

But remember, LeBron had many stellar fashion moments as well.  Two of my favorites were the classic double-breasted blue herringbone suit he wore at the MVP award ceremony and the equally classic suit he wore during the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year ceremony.  And don't forget that red number at the ESPY's. Yes, he completely pulled that off.  

LeBron has definitely pushed the fashion envelope this year with the assistance of his stylist since 2006, Rachel Johnson. Johnson told MTV back in July of this year that LeBron "likes his style to be a bit unexpected in terms of what he might wear." She also said that James, "will try anything. Whether or not he actually will wear it is something else, but he's always been very open-minded about trying new things."

And make no mistake, men's fashion is a competition. We've seen it in the workplace for years. NBA players and even LeBron himself will make light of this fashion crowning, but deep down, the others either wish they'd been chosen or just don't even try because they know they can't hang like that. Truth is, they're professional athletes, they're paid to ball and this award is only significant outside the lines. This is not of major importance in professional sports. But it sure is fun to see him win! Go LeBron!