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Who should take the last shot for the Heat?

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With Miami dropping two close games back-to-back, the question that surfaces itself once again is which Heat player should take that ever illusive last shot?

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Yes folks, this discussion is upon us once again as the Heat fell in crunch time to the new-look Brooklyn Nets two nights ago by one measley point. While the game was fairly lopsided until the final minutes, it's clear that Miami dominates a game's waning minutes. The looks in the final minutes were extremely unorthodox as Miami noticed Ray Allen covered. Nevertheless, various players definitely contributed in the comeback that had Brooklyn fans on their heels. Dwyane Wade was open and hit a rare three, and Mario Chalmers came through in the final minutes. While he's admitted he isn't entirely game ready (in game shape) LeBron James also graced the final minutes with a fadeaway three point maneuver. Despite the spectacular play, Miami still wasn't able to steal the game from the Nets bringing their record to 1-2.

This is hardly the start wanted by the defending champions, but can definitely be mended. Miami's bench is still extremely deep creating many options in the final minutes of a fourth quarter, but the question still remains who should be on the floor in crunch and who should take that final shot. Usually, the answer would be simple if the championship lineup was still intact, but the roster has been changed. No longer can Mike Miller dig us out of a tight game with a barrage of three pointers, and with LeBron and Wade still finding their legs this season who do we look for. Ray Allen. Despite his age he still remains a constant threat in the clutch, the only challenge is getting him open. That's not to take away from the talent of the other three point shooters on the team as Ray's record speaks for itself. Nevertheless, they are options as well. Mario Chalmers three point shooting has been stellar thus far, and he contributed down the line last game as well. While it's not always the best option Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade can definitely come through when needed. While people doubt his "clutch" ability LeBron James is still the best player in the world and you'd be foolish not to pass him the ball if he was open.

Despite the positives outweighing the negatives, Spoelstra might look into utilizing James Jones and Rashard Lewis or even Shane Battier in a tight game situation in order to open more options. They are great shooters, and have mastered their craft during their tenure in the league.

The fact of the matter is, every time Miami loses they will be grilled. That's what happens when you win two championships in a row. That being said in a close game situation Miami has the pieces to win, but they're still trying to figure out how to complete the puzzle at this moment in time.

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