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Beasley proves to be ready in first action of the season

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It took 5 games until Erik Spoelstra decided to play Michael Beasley, and even in his short minutes, he showed why he can be a valuable part to this team.

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All the hype surrounding the addition of Michael Beasley quickly calmed down when it became evident he didn't have a spot in the rotation. We all were excited upon his signing, and glimpses in the preseason made us wonder if Beasley could be the 6th man getting double digit points on this team.

No one was very surprised that he didn't play in the first few games. We all figured he was still getting used to the culture, learning the offense and defense and working hard in practice. But when Rashard Lewis got the primary minutes over Beasley, it makes you wonder how confident the coaching staff is in the 24 year old.

On Tuesday night, Beasley got his first action of the regular season against the Toronto Raptors. Without Chris Bosh and Shane Battier finding himself in foul trouble, Beasley got a mere 4 minutes in the first half against Toronto, and again gave a vision of what he could be for this team.

Beasley dropped back-to-back three-pointers to help the Heat recover from a deficit. He also had a block. It was a short stint, and nothing we should take extreme significance of, except for the fact that he was productive, after sitting out 4 and half games. Beasley finished the game with 6 points.

"When it went in, it was just like old times," said Beasley about making his first shot of the season.

"He [Beasley] gave us quality minutes on the road and he produced." -Erik Spoelstra

We all knew Beasley had the talent offensively to help Miami, but we didn't know if he could keep his head on straight. It seems as though he will be ready when called, and he is getting along with his team just fine. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade along with Mario Chalmers have been supportive through social media and it continues to show that they enjoy being around him.

If the absence of Bosh provided an opportunity for Michael Beasley to get on the court, then it was worth it. And at some point, you should expect Beasley to surpass Lewis in the emergency rotation. He may not pass Battier, but Beasley will deserve at some point to get more than 4 minutes every 5 games.

Chris Bosh will return and make the lineup normal again, but if Beasley produces the next time he is out there, Spoelstra will know that he is staying professional and ready to play when called upon.

Michael Beasley

#8 / Forward / Miami Heat



Jan 09, 1989

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