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LeBron Battles Back Spasms

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Despite an impressive victory over the Clippers, LeBron admitted that he wasn't at 100% and has been battling back spasms, while a common injury should Heat fans worry?

Mike Ehrmann

Miami was impressive in their victory over the Clippers last night, but while Dwyane Wade dominated LeBron didn't appear his prolific self. While his play remained stellar, (LeBron sported a stat line of 18 points and 6 assists) he wasn't on another level like he tends to be. If you were observant throughout the game, you could often see LeBron laying down by the Heat bench on his back. This has been revealed to be a result of back spasms. Nevertheless, Heat fans should not fret. LeBron admitted in an interview with ESPN that he doesn't expect to miss any time saying :

"If I can't get out of bed, I can't show up here," James said. "If I can't give enough to help us be successful, then I won't play. That's the one thing I know I will do, but it wasn't bad enough [on Thursday] to the point where I couldn't help."

LeBron is a tough player, but as an athlete myself I understand the only cure for back spasms, is treatment and rest. When asked to comment on the matter Coach Spoelstra said:

"Obviously he didn't look as spry as he normally does," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said after the game. "But he doesn't want me making excuses for him."

LeBron admitted that he isn't worried as he has had a history of back issues in the past. The silver lining to all of this is that LeBron is working with a professional training staff trained for this specific type of injury. While Miami fans have a tendency to worry about their players, LeBron is in good fans and his play shouldn't falter because of that.

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