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RUMOR: Heat interested in Cavs' Center Andrew Bynum?

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Andrew Bynum may have played his last game for the Cleveland Cavaliers and rumors are circulating that he would want to play for the Heat or Clippers.

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Earlier this morning, news broke that the Cleveland Cavalier's Center Andrew Bynum would be suspended indefinitely.

Naturally, following that second tweet, speculation began about potential destinations for Bynum to play the remainder of this season, and ESPN's Bill Simmons named two in particular that got people talking.

The important part of that tweet is that Bynum would have to be waived to end up in Miami, and Cleveland is currently pursuing a trade for him where they can at least get something back.

IF Bynum is waived, the Heat would need to waive somebody from their current roster (Roger Mason Jr. would be the most likely candidate, as his contract is non-guaranteed), and he would need to agree to the minimum.  Whether or not that is something Bynum is interested in remains to be seen.

The question remains whether or not the Heat would have interest in Bynum, not just whether Bynum has interest in the Heat, and in my opinion, the answer is a resounding no.  Keep in mind that I don't have any inside sources or anything to that extent, I'm simply going off what I'm reading about Bynum and what I know about how the Heat do things.

I haven't watched many Cleveland games this season, but here's the opinion of somebody who has, Conrad Kaczmarek, of SBNation's Fear The Sword:

That assessment is backed up by Bynum shooting 42% from the field this season in 20 minutes a game, when he's a career 56% shooter from the field.  His body just isn't the same at this point, and so he can't muster the same strength that he used to when he was able to bully people inside.

Beyond his play on the court, there are real questions about how Bynum fits in the Heat locker room.  I don't know Andrew Bynum, and I don't know how he feels about the game of basketball, but the fact that there is speculation about whether he likes the game at all makes me hesitant to believe he'd fit in Miami.  The Heat have a very unique roster dynamic, but, at least as Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report puts it:

There's no question that Bynum has talent, but the Heat have passed on talented guys in the past in an attempt to build the right roster.  Bringing in somebody who could potentially mess with that just doesn't fit the mold of how this team was built, and for that reason, I'm not expecting Andrew Bynum to be a member of the Heatles any time soon.