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Miami Heat First Quarter Report Card

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We use the PER metric to measure the HEAT and each player's contribution over the first quarter of the season.

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This is the second in our series of seven progress reports throughout the season focusing on smaller chunks of 10 to 11 games each. The order is ascending from the smallest contribution to the biggest, calculated by taking each player's PER over the last 11 games and multiplying it by the minutes that he played. The statline reflects total statistics for the season thus far, and the PER has been adjusted to reflect the period since I published the first progress report. The write up will focus on individual game efforts and overall impact.

Joel Anthony: Six games, 30 minutes, 1-for-4 field goals, two points, five rebounds (two offensive), four blocks, -28.4 PER

The Warden played a total of four minutes through the last 11 games. He missed his only two shots and turned the ball over once, also committing a foul.

Udonis Haslem: 12 games, 157 minutes, 14-for-31 field goals, 7-for-12 free throws, 35 points, 26 rebounds (seven offensive), two assists, two steals, two blocks, 6.7 PER

After a 12 day layoff to deal with back spasms, UD rejoined the HEAT on the court on November 19th, in Miami's 104-88 win against Atlanta. He sunk 3-of-4 shots in just under eight minutes, making his only foul shot and making one rebound before fouling out with seven points. He played 5:55 the following night against the Magic, making his only field goal attempt and three-of-four from the charity stripe with a steal and a foul. He didn't play again until Miami's seven point win over the Raptors on the 29th of November, making one-of-two from the field with a rebound and a turnover. He saw his most extensive game action of the season four days ago in Miami's loss to the Bulls, when he played 25:55 and scored one point on two free throws, missing all three shots from the field and making four rebounds (one offensive) with an assist, a block, and three fouls. He played 4:33 in the win over the Wolves on Saturday, making one foul. Last night, he appeared for 8:22 against Detroit, making one-of-two shots with three boards, a turnover and a foul.

James Jones: Seven games, 58 minutes, 8-of-21 field goals, 8-of-16 three-pointers, 3-of-5 free throws, 27 points, five rebounds, four assists, one block, one steal, 15.7 PER.

Jones has languished on the bench for 14 of Miami's first 21 games, but has responded well when called upon. After making two-of-three long distance shots in 15:58 against Atlanta on November 19th, he came in the next night and sunk five-of-seven bombs against the Magic in a 28-point HEAT win, scoring 17 in 20 minutes. Since then, he has played four times for a total of 18:53, missing all six shots that he's taken. It's notable that he's shooting 50% from three-point distance, while missing all five of his shorter shots.

Roger Mason Jr: Nine games, 117 minutes, 16-of-35 field goals, 11-of-23 three-pointers, three-of-three free throws, 46 points, nine rebounds (one offensive), eight assists, three steals, one block, 15.1 PER.

Mason played 72 minutes over six games out of the current stretch, scoring 34 points while hitting half of his shots from every distance. His most impressive performance came in last night's game, when he scored 12 points by hitting four-of-six three-pointers with a rebound and two assists in 23 minutes off the bench in Miami's 110-95 win against the Pistons.

Shane Battier: 20 games, 424 minutes, 32-of-83 field goals, 20-of-63 three-pointers, 12-of-20 free throws, 91 points, 37 rebounds (six offensive), 12 assists, 12 steals, 14 blocks, 7.9 PER.

Since opening the season with 14 points and four-of-four three-pointers, Battier hasn't scored more than eight or hit more than two long distance bombs. His three-point (.317) and overall (.386) shooting percentages, if maintained, will represent the worst figures of his 13 season NBA career.

Rashard Lewis: 20 games, 369 minutes, 32-of-74 field goals, 17-of-46 three-pointers, 9-of-13 free throws, 90 points, 49 rebounds, (nine offensive), 26 assists, 22 steals, two blocks, 8.0 PER.

Lewis has been a 19 minute per game guy for the HEAT through this stretch of the season. On November 19th, he made five steals against the Hawks in 26 minutes. After making just one-of-13 three-pointers from then until December 3rd, he's made six of his last 11 from deep. He put up 10 points on Saturday against the Wolves, then nine last night versus the Pistons.

Norris Cole: 21 games, 510 minutes, 60-of-134 field goals, 16-of-37 three-pointers, 10-of-12 foul shots, 146 points, 62 rebounds (four offensive), 72 assists, 16 steals, two blocks, 9.0 PER

Cole is Miami's shot in the arm off the bench, and the yang to primary PG Mario Chalmers ying. One of only two HEAT players to have appeared in every game so far, he has been known to occasionally burn from coast to coast through every opposing player for a layup. He dished out nine assists against the Hawks on November 19th, in Miami's 16 point win. Later, he scored a season high 12 points on Thursday in Miami's loss to the Bulls, hitting five-of-nine from the field with six assists.

Mario Chalmers: 19 games, 517 minutes, 56-of-130 field goals, 25-of-63 three-pointers, 28-of-39 free throws, 165 points, 47 rebounds (nine offensive), 89 assists, 34 steals, five blocks, 11.5 PER.

Rio started out pretty hot, but since his one game suspension has only made 10 of his last 34 three-pointers. He scored 14 against Atlanta on November 19th, and dished out eight assists the following night in Orlando. He again had eight assists on November 29th against the Raptors, with three steals. On December 1st, he scored 12 with six assists and four boards against the Bobcats. Expect Chalmers to break out of his mini-funk and show us more of what he was cooking through the seasons' first 10 games.

Chris Andersen: 20 games, 350 minutes, 50-of-78 field goals, 0-for-2 three-pointers, 32-of-46 free throws, 132 points, 86 rebounds (30 offensive), nine assists, seven steals, 23 blocks, 18.7 PER.

Birdman is leading the HEAT with a .641 field goal percentage. After missing all three shots against the Hawks, he has shot 50% or better in eight of his last nine games, and in 15 of his last 17. He's 26 of his last 39 from the field, with 38 rebounds and 13 blocks over nine contests. He plays a lot younger than his 35 years, due to an aggressive off-season weight-training program. He's good for 20 minutes per night, but could easily play 35 if called upon.

Ray Allen: 18 games, 451 minutes, 66-of-141 field goals, 27-of-71 three-pointers, 29-of-32 free throws, 188 points, 46 rebounds (seven offensive), 42 assists, 17 steals, three blocks, 13.7 PER.

Allen has made half or better of his shots in his last four games (17-of-32). He scored 17 against the Hawks on November 19th and against the Suns on November 25th. Last night, he scored 18 on six-of-10 shooting. Like the Bird, Allen is playing years younger than 38, and is apparently in the best shape of his life.

Michael Beasley: 14 games, 247 minutes, 65-of-119 field goals, 9-of-18 three-pointers, 20-of-26 free throws, 159 points, 56 rebounds (12 offensive), nine assists, six steals, seven blocks, 20.8 PER.

Surrounded by the bunch in Miami, B Eazy has rounded out his game. A shoot first, ask questions later guy has at least six rebounds in five of his last eight games. He scored 14 with seven boards against the Magic on November 20th, and 17 with nine rebounds against the Cavs on the 27th. On December 3rd, he scored a season high 23 points against the Pistons. He's missed the last two games with a family related issue.

Chris Bosh: 20 games, 568 minutes, 101-of-200 field goals, 14-of-38 three-pointers, 65-of-82 free throws, 281 points, 119 rebounds (19 offensive), 17 assists, 17 steals, 23 blocks, 15.5 PER.

Bosh made 15-of-19 over two games to start the stretch, scoring 37 points with 10 rebounds against the Hawks and Magic. He had 22 points on 8-of-13 shooting against the Bobcats with nine rebounds. After a slow couple of games, he scored 16 points and nine boards last night against the Pistons. He's playing a little lighter than in seasons past, and it shows up under the boards, where he's having a substandard season on the worst rebounding team in the NBA.

Dwyane Wade: 15 games, 504 minutes, 109-of-206 field goals, 2-of-8 three-pointers, 58-of-80 free throws, 278 points, 70 rebounds (11 offensive), 80 assists, 31 steals, 10 blocks, 23.9 PER.

Wade looked pretty bad against the Bobcats on the 16th, with four points on 1-of-7 shooting in 22 minutes. After taking the following week off, however, he has shot 50% or better in each of his last six games. He went nine-of-16 for 27 points against the Magic in Miami, nine-of-13 for 21 points with 12 assists against the Suns, 10-of-14 for 22 points against the Cavs, nine-of-16 for 22 points with seven rebounds, six helpers and four steals against the Raptors, six-for-10 for 17 points versus the Bobcats, and seven-of-14 for 19 points against the Wolves. He took last night off, and should be well rested for the game of the century tomorrow against Indiana.

LeBron James: 21 games, 739 minutes, 192-of-323 shots, 28-of-63 three-pointers, 122-of-155 free throws, 534 points, 130 rebounds (17 offensive), 132 assists, 27 steals, eight blocks, 29.0 PER.

James has had good games and bad over the past few weeks, but his bad games are better than most people's good games, if you follow. His worst game by far was a 13 point, six rebound, five assist effort against the Hawks on the 19th of November. He scored 22 with nine rebounds, seven helpers and three steals on the 23rd against the Magic. When Miami played the Suns, he scored 35 points with five rebounds, shooting 11-of-14 from the field. When the HEAT played the Wolves on Saturday, he scored 21 points with 14 rebounds and eight assists. Last night, he scored 24 points with nine helpers and seven rebounds against Detroit.

Let's bring on the Pacers!