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A look back at LeBron James' Top 10 plays of his career

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The NBA releases a career highlight video for reigning MVP and All-Star starter LeBron James highlighting the top 10 plays of his career with the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA is counting down the days until the 2013 NBA All-Star break in Houston, Texas next week and to celebrate they're taking a look at the careers of each and every All-Star starter. For each player, they've put together the top ten plays of their careers.

LeBron James currently may very well be at the peak of his powers, but it's scary (at least, for the rest of the NBA) to think that he is still somehow improving his already NBA-best skills. For the time being however, the NBA decided on these top 10 plays so far. Something tells me that when his career is finally over, there might be a completely different set of LeBron's top 10 plays to study endlessly.