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Heat interested in DeJuan Blair

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ESPN's Chris Broussard said that San Antonio plans to trade Blair, and that Miami is among the teams interested.

DeJuan Blair's strong work ethic could fit right in with the Heat.
DeJuan Blair's strong work ethic could fit right in with the Heat.

The Miami Heat's recent moves to sign Jarvis Varnado and Chris Andersen for the remainder of the 2012-13 season may have signaled that the team was done tinkering with its roster. But ESPN's Chris Broussard tweeted Monday night that the San Antonio Spurs offered power forward DeJuan Blair to the Detroit Pistons in trade talks that went nowhere. He said that Boston, Miami and Portland could have interest in the former Pittsburg standout.

Last month, Hot Hot Hoops' own Surya Fernandez wrote about how the Spurs nearly sent Blair to the Heat prior to the 2012 NBA Draft, according to Alex Kennedy. Any move to acquire Blair would have to come in a trade, with the additions of Varnado and Andersen capping Miami's roster at 15, the NBA limit. A potential trade that might benefit both teams would involve swapping James Jones for Blair. The signings of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis have relegated Jones into an afterthought, and the Spurs may want to add a dead-eye shooter. And at 23 years old, Blair is a do-everything big man who can adequately replace a regressing Udonis Haslem.

In possibly related news, Miami is reportedly no longer interested in Greg Oden. Andersen has played admirably since he got a chance, and Oden may be more of an NBA enigma than Varnado. Although Blair has battled his share of injuries and has no ACLs -- really -- he is a much more established NBA player than Oden.