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Heat drop Hawks 103-90 despite LeBron's off night.

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Miami broke away from Atlanta with a late run despite an off night from Lebron James. James only shot 53 percent for 24 points, with 11 assists and six rebounds.

LeBron James and the Heat got the best of Al Horford's (left) Hawks
LeBron James and the Heat got the best of Al Horford's (left) Hawks
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If there is such thing as a post All-Star break slumber, the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks had that in the first quarter of this game.

The Heat led 24-17 after the first period, but the quarter was stocked with turnovers and lackluster shooting. By the end of the third quarter, Miami was down by double digits.

"You can't get baited into an average shot," Heat coach Erik Spoelsta said. " We took to many of those."

That was before the fourth quarter, though.

The Heat went all crazy after that. They ended up forcing six turnovers and making five of six 3-pointers in the fourth quarter, and blew the door open on the Hawks (29-23) to win the game 103-90 after a 40-point final quarter.

Lebron James led the way with 24 points and 11 assists on a pedestrian 53 percent shooting night (8-of-15). LeBron entered the contest shooting nearly 70 percent in his last seven contests. That guy needs to step up and play to his averages.

Dwyane Wade overcame a rough start to put up 20 points and the Heat also got a contribution from Ray Allen, who scored 15 points. (Allen averages nine points on 39 percent shooting on the road this season, so seeing him show up away from home was a surprise. Seriously though, I expect that to regress.)

Al Horford went ballistic, by the way, scoring 27 points on only 15 shots. But that wasn't enough against Miami's firepower.

The Heat (37-14) have now won eight consecutive games.

If you need to know, Chris Bosh had a miserable six point game. Look it up. It's true.

2:16 remaining in the 4th 1 2 3 4 Total
Miami Heat 24 22 17 35 98
Atlanta Hawks 17 32 24 11 84

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