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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade shine in win over Kings

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The game went two overtimes, and it took 141 points to beat lowly Sacramento, but it was all for the best. More Heat basketball is always nice, and we got 58 minutes tonight.

LeBron James had 40 points, 16 assists and eight rebounds vs. Sacramento.
LeBron James had 40 points, 16 assists and eight rebounds vs. Sacramento.
Mike Ehrmann

When Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are one day no longer playing alongside each other, it will be games like this when you look back and remember the pair at their absolute best, eviscerating defenses with video game efficiency and ridiculous stat stuffing.

On their way to defeating the Sacramento King (19-39) 141-129 tonight, Wade and James combined for 79 points, 23 assists and 16 rebounds. The duo shot 33-of-51 from the floor.

And it all capped off a month in which Miami went 12-1 and all but secured James' fourth consecutive Eastern Conference player of the month award. According to Elias Sports Bureau, James became the first player to shoot 64 percent in a month (min 200 attempts) since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in March 1983.

I could talk about how Miami didn't look like they wanted to play defense for much of the night, and how bad Sacramento is, and how the Heat should not have let this team play them close. But that would of robbed us of a bevy of highlights, so I actually want to thank the Heat (41-14) for playing down to it's opponent on defense.

Things were not always looking good though, at least from a team standpoint. The Kings nearly stole a win and the Heat could not convert on game winning opportunities at the end of regulation or at conclusion of the first overtime. At the end of regulation, Wade missed a contested jumper on an isolation, and during the first overtime period, Wade ran a screen-and-roll and dropped a good pass to a diving James, who couldn't get a shot off. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said post game that Miami got the plays they wanted at both of those junctures.

Miami ran away with things in the second overtime, however, and all was well. Miami outscored the Kings 17-5 in the last period.

"We'll take this win," Spoelstra said. "We haven't had one of these where we never played well and we never consistently got to our identity, especially on the defensive end."

Ray Allen continued his hot shooting and chipped in with 21 points, and Bosh came to life in overtime to end with 15 points and eight rebounds after playing a mostly uninspiring game.

On a side note, Marcus Thornton is an incredible streak scorer. The Kings guard scored 38 points and is a perfect example of the pro-typical cliche player who can literally pop off on a given night. He made 8-of-12 3-pointers. Demarcus Cousins is also pretty good, and if he wanted to, could rule the earth one day. He's a magnificent talent.

But today is not that day.

The Heat shot 55 percent for the game and will get a few days off before hosting Memphis on March 1.

Final - 2.26.2013 1 2 3 4 OT 1 OT 2 Total
Sacramento Kings 22 31 32 27 12 5 129
Miami Heat 27 24 33 28 12 17 141

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